Fireboy is no doubt the hottest new artiste in Nigeria, for the past two years and this is partly because of his talent, his deal with Olamide and his prolificacy.

His debut album, “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps” which was released late in 2019, has been praised by critics as one of the best debuts in the past decade. LTG had hits like “Jealous,” “Scatter,” “Need You,” “Energy,” “Vibration” and more. In fact, the whole album is full of hits!

Thing is, when you do an album like LTG, that is considered very good, you have to follow up with a perfect sophomore album.

It usually takes most artists two to four years to get that perfect album, and many others never get that perfect album. It took Fireboy only a few months!

Fireboy’s Second Album, “Apollo” Was A Success

When Fireboy announced that he had another album coming, people were wondering why so soon. I mean, it was barely even up to a year and his album was still even doing well. So why did he need drop a new album?

Well, he did drop “Apollo” and while some people criticized the body of work for a couple weeks, the album eventually grew on everyone. With hits like “New York City Girl,” “ELI,” and “Tattoo,” it’s really hard not to like that album.

The album did well, and even though it came around when there was a lot of albums around, he still made waves with it. He has all those Headies nominations he got earlier this year to show for it.

Why A New Album?

Olamide, some days ago, hinted that Fireboy was already working on his next album. Of course, we’re not sure if there’s plans to drop anytime soon. But what if he does?

That will be his third album in less than three years. For context, Kizz Daniel has three albums and his debut came in 2016, five years ago. Same as Adekunle Gold. It took WizKid six years to release three albums. Davido, nine years!

Olamide is the only artist known to drop albums every year, a tradition he upheld for about seven years. So, it makes sense that Fireboy is going to want to be like that and put out new music as regularly as he can.

Is It A Good Move?

In my opinion, after two banging albums and all of those awards and recognition, an artist of Fireboy‘s calibre needs to rest. Even if he’s making new music, he should only drop singles or even just collaborations with other artists.

If he drops an album now, he naturally takes away the excitement fans will have when next they hear Fireboy is releasing a new album.

That, will obviously affect the overall performance of the album and how much people talk about it. It happened with Kizz Daniel‘s last release, King of Love.”

It’s obviously not a good move. While Olamide can go on and drop two albums in one year if he wants, Fireboy isn’t the same artist and should probably not put out any album in 2021.

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