Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola expects to “suffer” against PSG tomorrow night in their Champions League semifinal.


City hold a 2-1 lead after an impressive performance and result in Paris last week as Guardiola’s side look to reach the Champions League final for the first time.


“Emotions means you can’t predict a game, but it can be completely different to what you expect,” Guardiola said, at his pre-match press conference on Monday.


“You can’t play 90 minutes like we played the second half. It’s not going to happen, it will be tough, we will suffer. I’m sure we will react well and impose. It comes from inside, visualise what we have to do.


“It’s not different from what we’ve done over the last eight months, we don’t demand anything special. It’s real tough, the Premier League is the same level as PSG, you always play difficult games in the Champions League too.


“To do what we’ve done this season, in the bad moments stay calm, take the ball, try to regain our momentum and try to win the game. How big will be our good moments will be the difference. After that belongs to the players, the desire to do something nice for us, to make a step forward, to individually say we will win the game.”


On PSG, Guardiola continued: “They are an extraordinary team, everybody knows it.


“They can create something nobody expects to win. Of course I look at their qualities, but it’s fresh what they leave on the pitch. At the same time we know how good we can be.


“Tomorrow at 8pm we have to be there and do it again. It’s not complicated.”

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