Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hit out at Manchester United’s protestors.


Klopp has spoken for the first time on Sunday’s events at today’s presser.


He said, “We were sitting the whole time. An hour before the team meeting they told me there were problems at Old Trafford. We did the meeting and after that we got told about the delays. We just had to sit around in the lobby. It was not cool.


“I heard some police were injured and these things should not happen. It was not completely peaceful and then it was not right anymore.


“Then we got told the game was postponed. We saw some pictures to see what was going on. Was I surprised to see it happen? No. I am a believer in democracy. I am happy for people to say their opinion, but I know this doesn’t happen often that no-one is hurt.”


The match will now be staged next Thursday.


Klopp added: “We were informed about the [re-arrangement] process, but we were not consulted. It’s not good for us, I would have preferred the game last week. It’s not cool but there’s nothing to complain about.”

By Scopie

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