Star actor, Yomi Fabiyi has stated that the confession of Baba Ijesha, the embattled Yoruba actor, was obtained under duress.


Sneh Tv recalls that Baba Ijesha has been in the news after he self-confessed to assaulting a 14-year-old girl, who happens to be the foster daughter of Comedienne, Princess.


On Wednesday, Fabiyi led a protest at the Panti police station seeking Baba Ijesha’s release on administrative bail — since the strike is yet to be called off for the courts to commence hearing.


In a video from the protest shared via Fabiyi’s Instagram page on Thursday, the controversial role interpreter stated that the sustained detention of Baba Ijesha beyond 48 hours without recourse to the courts for a “fair hearing is illegal”.


“Citizens must respect when the police are discharging their lawful duties. Also, the people have rights. But what we observe is that, when our colleague Baba Ijesha was brought here, so many evidences were thrown online,” Fabiyi can be heard saying.


“We maintained that we would patiently allow the rule of law take it’s course; allow the police do their job. The CP came out and said it’s a bailable offence. But it’s getting to two weeks now and he’s not been released.


“A minor was used as a bait. Police have not touched on that. There is evidence of torture [on Baba Ijesha]. There is evidence of obtaining confession under duress. They even threatened to kill the suspect. The police have not acted on these.


“DPP advice is a legal advice. It’s not a court. This man is still adjudged innocent until proven guilty.”


In the caption of the video, Fabiyi stated: “The law is the law. Nobody or organisation can rule or extend continued detention of any suspect on bailable offence(s) in police custody beyond 48 hours except a seating judge from a competent court.


“And now that the court is on strike. Releasing Baba Ijesha on administrative bail to a reliable surety is the best approach. Even as we speak, the rights of the gentle man is already been trampled upon.”

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