Barcelona president Joan Laporta has secured the club a loan worth €500m, all from investment bank, Goldman Sachs.


Barcelona have been facing financial Armageddon after the Josep Maria Bartomeu era, and there have been concerns over whether the club would be able to both pay their players and recruitment new ones in the summer.


L’Esportiu reports the club obtained the loan on Tuesday morning, with the money likely going towards refinancing part of the debt, easing the short-term pressure on the club hierarchy.


“This credit will give air and stability to the club, we can be calm this season and next season,” Barcelona sources explained to the newspaper.


“We have looked at what could be the worst-case scenario, that fans don’t enter the stadium throughout next season. Even so, we can be calm after this operation.”


In the same report it was claimed that the American investment fund had offered the club favourable conditions with regards to repayment, far better than any normal bank would offer.

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