There was no companion. Tears was my twin. Wherever you see me,you would definitely see tears too.No one to hear me out. No one to care for me. I miss my family. Life is so mean. You took away dad so early. Dad’s death led to mom’s death. I lost my only brother too. I can’t believe I can for once live the life I’m living now. My parents were so wealthy. We lack nothing. It was indeed a family everyone could actually pray for but everything turned otherwise after my father’s death.

My name is Babatunde Sola. I became an orphan when I was 7 years of age. Everything all started after dad’s death which was as a result of food poisoning


It’s hard to believe that mom never killed dad because it was her food dad ate last before he kicked the bucket. Test shows that dad died because of food poisoning. Dad family members never took it easy as mum was arrested. Mom pleaded innocent but no one believes her. She was weeping,begging them she knew nothing about it but they are never ready to listen. Mom stayed in the cell for some weeks. I pity her a lot. She had health issues. Mom is asthmatic. This led to her death in the cell. When she was being taken to cell on that fateful day,mom left with her two legs. But she was being carried the day she’s to come back which was my birthday. I’d be 7.


Though I was still too young to understand everything but I understood the fact that mom too is gone forever. I wept uncontrollably as I went near her. She wasn’t talking to me anymore. Seyi;my brother who’s just 5 years of age too wept,seeing me crying. Mom was later buried. It seems like dad family members were pleased with her death. They never showed any sign of mourning her. It’s such a pity. I still never believe that my mom killed dad. Dad family members started fighting over the properties. They shared it among the four of them. We started living with mum Rotimi;dad elder sister. Dad is the fourth child out of five. He happens to be the richest among his brothers and sisters.


Life was hell for my brother and I at Mum Rotimi’s place. Mum Rotimi had 3 children; Rotimi and her twin; Bola and Biola. They are two years older than I am.Brother Rotimi is a grown up guy who doesn’t live with his parents. Bola and Biola started using us as slaves as instructed by their mother. Seyi and I do all the house chores and our food is always the remains of the family. We often sleep most times without food. Mum Rotimi’s husband too was aware of this but he’s always ready to follow his wife’s instructions so that he could take part from my dad’s properties. Then,on a sorrowful day,Bola and Biola gave Seyi one of their best clothes to him so that he could iron them.


..Why would they even do that? Seyi was too young for that. I could have actually helped him with that but I was also busy and must be through with it before mum Rotimi arrives. Seyi actually burnt the clothes. When their parents arrived,Bola and Biola explained all to them and the next thing they could say is that they should start flogging Seyi. Seyi was seriously dealth with. Both mother and her children including the father started beating him. I was crying where I was seeing Seyi in pains. It was this day I lost my brother. Seyi was groaning. All of a sudden,he started breathing heavily. At this moment,mum Rotimi and her family stopped the beating.



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