COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant effect on restrictions of numbers to be allowed at physical gatherings, has berthed virtual events in Nigeria.


Popular comedian, Kehinde Otolorin a.k.a Kenny Blaq in a chat with Sneh Tv said he hates virtual performances.


A virtual performance is any presentation where the presenter is not present at your location.

This could be a concert, lecture, demonstration, or any event that is normally presented in person.


According to Kenny Blaq:” I hate virtual performances. I as a person, I have written ‘LOL’ with a straight face.It happens to most of us. We can put up a smiley emoji and we may be frowning. Performing to people who would just drop emojis’ and comments online isn’t my thing. Internet network is another issue. One is performing to people whose internet network you don’t trust. You don’t even trust your own network.I recall doing a virtual show and I didn’t know the network was bad.It was after I finished my performance that I realized that I was performing to myself”.


The funnyman who recently applauded Nigerian pop-star, Davido for performing at his show back in 2018, narrated how he met the ‘Fem’ crooner.


“Because I am a music comedian, I more respected by the musicians even though I am still respected by the comedians. The musicians like me because of the humour I bring to their songs .Normally, some of them might want to pay me to do what I do for free. Normally, I am supposed to pay royalties for the things I do with their songs.As a result of the relationship I have with them, they know that If Kenny Blaq is doing a cover of one of their songs, it is going to make people love their songs more.


There are some covers that I did and people will begin to look for the original version of the song.There was a time I did a Davido cover, I can’t remember if he reposted on instagram but since then, we have had this relationship.


I didn’t know he was actually following up my work even though I had sent messages to him.


I happen to know his photographer and I told him I would love for him (Davido) to come to my show. He said ‘David really likes you too, let me talk to him’.



I was just performing on stage and I saw Davido walked in. Who am I? Am I worthy enough to have this African giant at my event? When I walked up to him, he said he is a big fan of what I do. He told me that before then, he had never attended a show for that long and enjoy it. When he was about leaving, I teased him about performing a song. I was shocked when he performed other songs at my show. As at that time, I am not sure I would have been able to afford paying Davido. He came and performed for free”.

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