He was a serial killer who committed several crimes in 1888, mainly in Whitechapel, London. His identity continues to be a mystery to the police, so he’s considered part of these top 10 of secrets of the world.

N.B A serial killer is a person who kills a large amount of people and not ordinary killing but killing In a way suchlike removing the heart , removing the Liver , cutting the eyes ,sometimes eating it …..

This psychopath was described by the experts as an intelligent, effective, mocking, cunning, and cold man, obsessed with murder. The attacks attributed to him involved prostitutes, whom he killed following a distinctive modus operandi consisting of: cut throat, strangling and abdominal mutilation.


He is fond of killing prostitutes,cutting their  body like a goat ,removing their eyes ,hands ,legs liver ….

Removal of the internal organs of at least three of the victims led to the belief that the killer had anatomical or surgical knowledge.


That is the most dangerous man in history

Till now his identity is unknown ……

Jack the ripper

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