Copa America in doubt

The Copa America is in severe doubt just nine days before it is due to kick off.


The tournament, which has been moved around a lot already due to the Coronavirus pandemic, features ten sides from South and Central America in a tournament that spans just under one month. It is the closest thing to the European Championships that exists in this part of the world.


However, the tournament may not go ahead. A report from AS claims that the Brazil squad, who are now due to host the competition, are planning to boycott the competition. This would represent a major blow for a competition that has already been considerably altered.


And it could yet get worse for organisers, as AS claim that Brazil are attempting to convince other sides to join them in abstaining from playing the tournament.


Pandemic Panic

The Copa America was originally due to be played in Colombia and Argentina, but both countries pulled out of hosting the tournament due to soaring coronavirus cases. In their place, Brazil stepped up, despite the country having experienced three times as many covid deaths as the two original hosts combined.


AS report the horror that the Brazilian players experienced upon hearing the change of venue, with most expecting the tournament to be cancelled completely as several countries experience spikes in Coronavirus cases. However, this was not the case, with Brazilian FA President Rogerio Caboclo thought to be keen on ensuring the tournament goes ahead.


It appears as though there is no easy way out of this situation for either party. If Brazil can convince enough other sides to boycott the competition with them, they will probably achieve their goal of getting the tournament cancelled. With the higher powers keen to press on however, there could well be repurcussions.

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