Yung Bleu’s real name is Jeremy Biddle. He is Alabama native, who born there in 1994. He became a well-known rapper in 2017 thanks to his viral single “Miss It”. He released six serial mixtapes “Investments” and got wide acclaim and recognition from others rappers.


Yung-Bleu took to Instagram to reveal how he’s suffering since he decided to try out some Nigerian delicacies while in the cub but it obviously ended in tears as he claims the meals are too spicy. The rapper consequently attached a photo of himself standing behind Davido with a look on his face probably in distress from food and drinks he consumed at the club.


Nigerian singer, Davido has reacted having no sympathy for him after Yung-Bleu, an American rapper, defied his warning not to eat anything in a Nigerian club since he arrived in the country.

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