Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has continued to insist on Baba Ijesha’s innocence. He believes there are special forces out to ensure that Baba Ijesha remained behind bars.


According to Sneh Tv, Yomi Fabiyi since the beginning of Baba Ijesha’s trial maintained the Veteran actor’s innocence of the charge against him.


In his latest, Yomi Fabiyi said there is no clear evidence against Baba Ijesha as according to him, the victim had not at any point said that the actor defiled her. On his Instagram story, he wrote


“The POLICE are so honest in this case that they filed the case of Baba Ijesha to a MAGISTRATE COURT with Sexual Assault charges only. At least, it is the Police that did investigation.

The Police took a stand that they cannot charge the suspect with a crime that they have no evidence especially when the girl said repeatedly BABA IJESHA never had sex with her. Baba Ijesha NEVER had sex with the girl at any time.

And suddenly someone from Lagos DPP entered the court and told the judge that they have filed the case at HIGH COURT. Magistrate hands off.

I’m still laughing but trust me. I am not fighting the State Govt but I will stand by what is right and Baba Ijesha will get his right”


In several videos and chat evidence posted on his Instagram, Yomi Fabiyi has made it clear beyond doubts of his unflinching support for Baba Ijesha and his belief that Princess and some others are out to demonize Baba Ijesha.


Yomi Fabiyi and other supporters of Baba Ijesha on Wednesday 16 June, appeared at the Yaba Magistrate Court in Lagos where the hearing of the sexual assault case against the actor took place.


Fabiyi while speaking to reporters at the court said:


“I am in court because I believe in t he rule of law and I have right to come to the court and observe the case”

“I want to see how the rule of law and justice is being served” .

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