Defence headquarter for Nigeria don ask pipo to disregard di video of one ‘mysterious beast’ wey dey circulate for social media.

For dia Facebook page, dem put di tag “Fake news” on top di press release wey claim say dia troops kill one mysterious beast for Benue State.

Tori be say one video bin dey circulate over di weekend, e show wetin many pipo believe say na actual Werewolf.

“Di thing wey be like werewolf lie down for ground dey breathe heavily” for di video, we hear di voice of one man dey tok for Pidgin say “make una stay house una no go hear, for dis Nigeria wey we dey o”

Di video don cause concern as many Nigerians believe say Werewolf don enta di kontri.

But di Defence headquarters say di video na fake.

“Di Press Release and video making rounds on social media of one mysterious beast wit human body Killed by troops of operation whirl stroke na Fake”. dem tok.

Dem also add say di original video na from one Portuguese film “Lobisomem Morto a Tiros”.

Wetin di ‘fake’ press statement tok?

Di statement wey one AY Maigaida wey claim to be di Director of Public Media of Defence Headquarters say dia troops kill one mysterious beast for one operation Whirl stroke for Benue state.”One mysterious beast wit di head of one canine and di body of a human was killed during one ferocious encounter yesterday night for Benue.

Dem claim say na locals from Tembele village for Benue State bin give di troops of Operation Whirl stoke tip off and dem quickly run go find di beast.

“On sighting di beast, di troops in dia usual manner of swiftness and uncommon dexterity, immediately neutralize am wit precision firepower. Unfortunately, afta interview with some eyewitnesses for di village, report bin say di beast don kill 4 residents.”

For inside di statement, dem advice di general public make dem maintain good security awareness and immediately report any encounter to di nearest security station.

But di defence headquarter don tok say dis statement no be from dem.

Wetin we know about di ‘Mysterious Beast’ video?

Di video wey pipo dey circulate upandan for social media na original part of one short film from Portugal called “Lobisomem Morto a Tiros” wey translate to “werewolf shot to death.”

Na on April 1, one Instagram user wey im name be Cloud Wolf put am up for im YouTube page, im entire page dey dedicated to di legendary creature.

As for how di creature look like werewolf? Na great SFX work, courtesy of freelance sculpture artist Joseph-Rob Cobasky wey also put photos of im creation for im Instagram page.

E be like di pesin wey circulate di ‘fake’ news for Nigeria social media space record im voice on top di original video wey Cloud Wold create

Different users also see di video and begin spread am dey warn pipo to dey on di lookout.

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