Singer Davidos assistant and crew, Habeeb Uthman, Obama’s wellknown DMW, has passed away.

According to reports, Obama died in a Lagos hospital on Tuesday due to suspected heart failure. It is understood that the deceased complained of breathing difficulties, and then went to the hospital for proper monitoring and treatment. However, he died a few hours later. In response, singer Peruzi shared a heartbroken emoji image on his Instagram account. He wrote: Lord, please have mercy. In addition, her close friend Khloe Oluwabusayo Abiri (commonly known as Kokobykhloe“) mourned her passing in her Instagram story. My whole life passed before me. God, this cant be true, he wrote. Before his death, he was the founder and CEO of Obama Music Worldwide (OMW) Records. He also belongs to a family of 30 billion gangs.

According to snehtv, Obama DMW went to Evercare Hospital in Lagos Lake today (June 29) to complain about breathing difficulties. Sadly, a few hours later, Obama DMW gave up this ghost. At the time of this report, the tragic news of his death made him the second hot topic on Twitter in Nigeria. Habeeb Uthman, commonly known as Obama DMW, was born in Lagos and is a close friend and colleague of Davido. In 2020, he signed his first artist Ayanfe with his record company “Obama Music Worldwide (OMW)”. Obama is a popular figure among DMW staff. He is often seen hanging out with Daviddo and other crew members, whether it’s on a private jet, a club, Daviddos home, or at entertainment venues. May his soul rest in peace.

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