Tolu is a guy known for troubleness. Right from his primary school days, he causes a lot of trouble,beating up his mates. His parents had complained severally even to the teachers but he wasn’t ready to change. All he is always after is fighting with everyone. His big stature had always deceive him. He had a very close friend; Bala who are of bird of same feather. Even sometimes when Tolu isn’t ready to create a scene, Bala would try all his possible best to influence him. A lot of time people had advice Tolu’s parent to warn Tolu not to walk with him but Tolu was enjoying his company too. At their young age, they were feared. The unruly behaviour of them made Bala to be expelled froms school

A quarrel occurred between Bala and a boy in school which was settled but Bala wasn’t pleased.After closing hour, Bala had hidden somewhere awaiting for the boy to pass. Seeing the boy,he threw a big stone targeting to meet the boy but eventually landed on one of the teacher’s head.Blood started rushing out and the teachers was rushed to the hospital. Bala had ran away thinking no one sees him.On arriving to school the next day, he was sent back to call his parents. Though he was scared but his parents later showed up where they were told their child had been rusticated from school.They explained all to them and the present condition of the teacher.His parents tried pleading but it was late

The incident which happened made Tolu had a rethink. He was sitting alone when a girl walk up to him and told him he should thank his stars that he was not in school when the incident happened. Tolu was actually absent from school the day Bala threw the stone. Had it been he was there,it is sure both of them would be expelled because they must both be involved. The girl talked sense into Tolu to turn a new leaf. Tolu felt bitter. He made up his mind to change for good. After Bala was expelled, his parents and him relocated to another town to start afresh. This made it possible for Tolu to turn a new leaf as they no longer see each other. Tolu was now a changed person.

Everyone was happy for him and many people think his change was as a result of the separation between him and Bala. Tolu is now loved by everyone.Throughout his secondary education,he was known as a brilliant and respectful boy. Then,after his secondary education and seeking for admission to the university. He later got admitted to one of the best universities outside their town.Tolu’s parents told their child to always remember the child of who he was.And another life was to start for Tolu. His first day at school made him so surprised. Tolu ran across Bala;his old friend.They greeted each other and were really happy to see again

After exchanging contact, they went their separate ways hoping to see again. The next day, Bala had called Tolu to meet him at a well known big bar. His thought was that he would have changed after all the years.Tolu who actually knew the kind of person Bala was and the changed person he has became told him he had heard but he never showed up.He had made up his mind and he’s never ready to go to his past. Bala would call his number severally but Tolu kept ignoring them. This made the relationship unable to work between them. Bala too stopped calling and each of them moved on with their lifes. Tolu was pleased with himself and also happy he had nothing to do with Bala anymore.

After some years, Tolu had graduated from the university and already had a well paid job. Right from the time he had been working in the office,he had not been opportuned to know who the real owner was not until the day it was announced that the owner would be landing back to the country and pay a visit to the office. Everyone of them were eager and surprisingly to Tolu,the owner turned out to be Bala. How possible? The Bala he knew in his life had never been serious with his life. How come he owns a very big place like this. He never knew he was actually working in his friend’s office. Bala too was surprised seeing him as he hug him and ask him how he had been. They both sat somewhere and started discussing.

Bala told Tolu how angry he was with him when he refused picking his calls.

“I was really annoyed after all my trials to reach you. I actually understood too. The day we exchanged contact,I already noticed changes in you and I was really happy about that. When I got home that day, I felt guilty because I thought I was also part of your waywardness back then. After I got expelled, I was lucky to meet someone who changed my life too. Then,I called you so that we could meet and also use the opportunity to seek for forgiveness from you but you never showed up. I’m sure the bar I asked you to meet me is also part of the problem..


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