D’Tigers, Mike Brown, says they are not going to the Tokyo Olympics just for the experience but to win.


The Nigerian men’s side are drawn in Group B alongside heavyweights Australia, Germany and Italy, at this summer’s games.


Despite being drawn in a tough group, Brown is confident his players will do well in Tokyo.


“We are not going there just for the experience. The experience will be nice and we are excited about going there and experiencing everything Tokyo has to offer for us as well as the Olympics. But we want to go and win. We have the mindset of we’re going to Tokyo to win,” Brown said on D’Tigers’ Twitter handle.


“Whatever that means after the end of the day we will find out but we are not going to settle or be okay with anything else along the way.


“We are looking forward to showing not just the people of Nigeria but the people on the continent of Africa and the people around the world that there’s a lot of Nigerian talent out there.”



Source: @thenewsguru

By Scopie

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