Popular Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami, has recounted his experience with armed robbers who attacked his car while he was in a traffic jam on Monday.


On his verified Instagram page, the actor shared a video showing the damage done to his car by the attackers.


“Guys, I just got robbed like an hour ago, I just got robbed along Mile 2,” the actor said in the video.


In the description, Salami clarified that while he was not hurt, his car suffered indemnities. He also explained that his car was caught between trailers in the standstill traffic when he was attacked.


“Four very young boys showed up from nowhere, broke my car glass with gun when I refused to whine down,” he wrote.


The movie star also said the armed robbers threatened to shoot him and his younger brother who was with him in the car if they refused to drop their phones.


While trying to disconnect his other phone, help came his way as motorcyclists parked on the other side of the road chased the boys away.


He then warned people not to respond to any WhatsApp conversations from his phone number but speak directly with him before transacting any business transacting any business



Source: @thenewsguru

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