Kaduna State Frontline politician, Senator Shehu Sani has said only Kaduna South and Kaduna North is safe out of 23 Local Government areas in the bandit ridden state.


Sneh Tv reports the former Senator while appearing on national Television programme monitored by Sneh Tv on Monday.


According to Senator Sani the situation is fast getting out of control as on a daily basis people are kidnapped and killed, some cases are not even reported in the media.


He said: “they even send notification before raiding communities and they ensure the raid is carried out either a day before the notice deadline or the date of the deadline and Kaduna unfortunately has the highest number of military institutions in Nigeria.


“Despite the heavy presence of the military here nothing is being, all the bandits do is to block major roads with their cattle and cause havoc.


“In most cases when they raid communities the come with motor bikes numbering over 200 to ensure they capture their victims.


“But nothing is being done to checkmate these bandits who operate with China made motor bikes and carrying AK47 to harass, kidnap and kill innocent people.


Sani explained that” I visited parents of the abducted students of Bethel Baptist Academy because they were my constituents when I was in the Senate but what’s baffling me is that elected officers don’t even visit victims of the bandits to even commiserate with them.


“Parents now accompany their children to schools in Kaduna and patiently wait till the school closes and take their children home, it’s that bad.


Source: @thenewsguru

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