Wife cries out after husband who is a police officer Mohammed Ojemma has subjected her to grievous punishment her husband who is an inspector attached to the area command Police station Sagamu , Ogun state

A Nigerian woman has cried out for help.


The woman identified as Kate Ojemma said she is being subjected to inhumane treatment by her husband, Mohammed Ojemma, who is also a police Inspector attached to the Area Command Police Station, Sagamu, Ogun state.


Kate, in a “Save my Soul” message to the government, said since she has been married officially to her husband in 2008, life has been hell on earth for her.


According to her, during their quarrels, Mohammed uses anything he can lay his hands on to inflict injuries on her.


She alleged that her husband uses belts, iron and fires teargas at her.


Kate, who has four children, also said he had threatened to shoot her, boasting that he would get away with it due to his status as a police officer.



She said, ”I am the legal wife of Inspector Mohammed Ojemma under Area Command Police Station, Sagamu, Ogun state. I’m writing this letter in a very unfortunate and hard situation.

”I have been through a lot in my life but this is something I wish no one would ever go through. I got married to my husband on the 11th of November 2008 and had four children with him. Since I got married to him, it has been a terrifying experience and I just hope I will not be murdered by my husband one day.

”On countless occasions, my husband has beaten me as if I’m a goat. It became so serious that I was rushed to the hospital due to the fact that I became unconscious whenever he starts beating me.

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