After a one-year postponement of the pandemic and a delay caused by scandals and controversy, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was held on Friday in a nearly empty stadium.

A video showing athletes training at home during the coronavirus pandemic began the performance, and pink fireworks bloomed in the sky after the countdown.

The ceremony was held in a 68,000-capacity stadium, attended by only a few hundred officials and dignitaries, including Japanese Emperor Naruhito, French President Emmanuel Macron and American First Lady Gil Biden.

The Emperor will officially announce the opening of the Olympic Games. Fearing that the gathering of 11,000 athletes from around the world could trigger a major incident, the Olympics were opposed in Japan.

The organizers have adopted strict viral measures. For the first time in history, foreign fans are banned. Except for some places, all other places exclude the national public. Athletes, support staff, and the media must adhere to strict Covid19 protocols, which include regular testing and daily health checks.

Opinion polls unanimously found that the majority of Japanese oppose the Olympics, with opinions ranging from boredom and indifference to outright hostility.

But a few hours before the ceremony, there was still excitement outside the Olympic Stadium, hundreds of people gathered in the hope of immersing themselves in the atmosphere and seeing the fireworks expected during the event.

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