More than 60 passengers were kidnapped by bandits on the Sokoto Gusau highway.

An official of the Sokoto Metro Company said that one of the buses was attacked by bandits. The official, who asked not to be named, told the TV channel that on Sunday morning, bandits used sophisticated weapons to block the highway and eventually kidnapped more than 60 passengers.

A bus driver and another passenger escaped the attack, but the bandits took the remaining passengers into the bushes. The local residents also explained that the bandits blocked the WurnoGoronyo highway around 5:00 pm.

On the same day, two people were killed and others were kidnapped. Abubakar Arzika, president of the Wurno local government district, confirmed the attack on the Wurno Goronyo highway. announce He said that two people, including a woman, were killed by bandits.

However, he could not confirm the kidnapping of other passengers along the road, saying that the police are still investigating the matter. State police have yet to release a statement about the incident. announce In Sokoto and many other Nigerian states, kidnapping for ransom is common. These attacks were carried out by armed bandits with the purpose of intimidating residents and making money.

In addition to kidnapping, bandits also killed community residents at will. Recently, a group of bandits shot down an Alpha jet that the army used to attack bandits in Zanfala.

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