Peace has become the first Head of House of the season of Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye.

After winning the House game contest on Monday night, she was named HOH. With this new position, she will not be expelled, she will be able to remain in the Head of House room and choose an alternate to assist her in the performance of her duties.

After being announced as the Head of House, Peace chose Yousef as his deputy. The original 90 second master game has been reduced to 70 seconds this season.

Each roommate has 70 seconds to complete the board game. They must roll the dice and start the game after the number 6 is displayed on the dice. The goal of this luck game is to reach as much as possible within the time limit. The roommate who completes the course or goes further wins and becomes the Head of House.

The first roommate to start the House Head of House game was Yerins, and he didn’t go far in the game.

However, Peace was able to go the farthest, earning her the title of the very first Head of House for the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season.

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