🤍You are only allowed to barb the hairstyles listed by the government anything from that is punishment


🤍You must not say North Korea when you are still in the country ,you are only allowed to call it Korea



🤍 must ask from permission from the government before using the internet


🤍Only one president has been ruling them since because you aren’t allowed to vote any one unless you want to die


🤍Everyone must be a soldier ;in your youth must work in the army


🤍Their president has a small toilet which he takes around he said that the reason he does so is because his poop contains important information


🤍In the country Nuclear weapons are created ; theses weapons are weapons that can destroy all the countries of the world ,wherever the weapon lands nothing can come out from that place again


🤍if you commit an offence you and your entire family will be punished


🤍The citizens are not allowed to watch porn; punishment is death

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