Andrew Wardle🤍


Andrew Wardle is 41 years of old ,born in Manchester ,when he was given birth to ,it was noticed that he didn’t have a penis ,this made his mom perplexed ,she tried all medical attention but to no avail ,then she gave birth to another child and she noticed that her new child was normal so she abandoned her first child

Andrew Wardle has been undergoing surgeries to make him have penis ,by drawing tissues , though painful not a laughing matter and this surgeries are affecting his health especially his kidney 🤧

He has a girlfriend Fedra Fabian . actually Andrew didn’t reveal this to anyone 🤕



The reason for him having this condition is due to the fact that he has bladder exstrophy which means his bladder is outside his body ,after an operation he did not had a penis 😷

🤲he has been living like that ,

Now ,he has a bionic penis(arificial penis)



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