A man identified as Emeka Christopher Orisakwe has been identified by the Lagos State Police Command.


The man was nabbed for allegedly sleeping with his three biological daughters.


SNEHTV reports that the wife made the accusation against him that the suspect slept with their daughters aged four, six and eight years.

It was gathered that due to pressure from family members, the woman was being pressurised to to drop the case.


A human rights advocate who works with the Advocate for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network (ACVPN) said the case was reported as early as May 2021.




He noted that the woman, at the initial stage, had asked the police to withdraw the case due to the same pressure from her husband’s family who said it was a family issue


Orisakwe, it was gathered, was sternly warned by his family members never to repeat such actions again or face the consequences.


But the randy father allegedly slept with his four-year-old daughter in the past week.


The mother of the children took up the case again by reporting to the police and had been threatened by her husband’s family members, SNEHTV learnt.


The advocate stated that now that the mother of the girl had returned to the police to report the matter again, the family laid blames on her stating that she was lying against their son.


The advocate said, ”A case was reported to us on the 29th May about one Orisakwe who has been defiling his three daughters aged 4, 6 and 8 years.


”The matter was reported at the Satellite District but the wife later turned it down because of pressure from her family and her husband’s family.


“I was informed in June that they had a family meeting between the families and warned the man never to do what he had done. According to the mother, her brothers promised to act if they hear any such news anymore.


“Her husband’s family members still do not believe that the man is doing such a thing and they are blaming the woman for accusing their son wrongly. The lady is traumatised.


“On August 3, he was detained in Ikeja by the Gender Unit. The man’s family is threatening to deal with the mother of these victims if they should step foot in the house.


“The woman is seriously scared and she is insisting that she is not interested in the case anymore and wants to return to the village where her family had planned to meet with them to settle the issue.


“But before the police picked up Orisakwe, he changed the locks to the house and both the woman and the children have been sleeping elsewhere. Anyways we were told by WARIF centre that there is an established case of sexual assault after examination of the kids and the results will be sent to Gender Ikeja.”


SNEHTV learnt that the suspect claimed that his wife had mental problems and that nobody should take her seriously.

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