Big Brother Naija housemate, BNBAIja’s roommate, Nini lashed out at her roommate Tega, calling her rude.

Nini said this when she complained to Saga, Arin and Jackie B in the garden on Friday.

According to her, Tega likes to enter people’s spaces, showing a certain lack of respect and triggering behaviors. She threatened that if she did not respect her again, she would plunge Tega into depression.

Nini said: She touched me, it is disrespectful, Tega disrespects herself and others. “I realized that feelings don’t come with age.

“Respect people, don’t stay in their space and don’t let them get frustrated, because it’s really unnecessary.

“Although I play with everyone, I will not go to your private space and behave abnormally. “If I speak for her, I will depress her.”

By Scopie

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