A Nigerian lady has disclosed how Wizkid became BIG WIZ by sharing a couple of his songs that talk about the journey he has been through.


The lady began when Wizkid went for an audition to become a singer by compiling some old songs of his when he was starting his musical career in which she merged the insults rained on him by some people wondering what he’s singing.


She then added when Wizkid met Banky W that he actually forgot his lyrics just because of the star crush but then got signed by Banky W and made a couple of songs together before he got signed by Sunny Music.


The lady made sure that most of the old songs of Wizkid were featured in the video and how energetic he was when he was building his career but now seems to be relaxed since his music is all over the world.


The struggle that Wizkid went through to become the BIG WIZ that he is today from being the star boy is just amazing based on the video of this lady that was derived from his old songs and videos that shows all he went through.


The question is, Is this how Wizkid became the BIG WIZ that we all love today as the lady ended her video by making it seem like a dream to Wizkid but one thing is that he did very well while building his career.

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