Celebrity Barman Cubana Chief Priest has dished out some marital advice saying lovemaking is not supposed to be done only on your matrimonial bed.


Cubana Cheif Priest shared a photo of himself and his wife enjoying themselves somewhere else and decided to give a piece of advice to married men saying there are so many other ways to make love to their wives and not only on their matrimonial bed.


According to him, married men should take their women around the world and enjoy life with them because lovemaking is not just done on your matrimonial beds only but always by making memories with your wife elsewhere.


Cubana Chief Priest then asked how many countries have married men taken their wives to make memories with them over there aside from their matrimonial homes as he hails his wife saying she tastes better on an Island.


Cubana Chief Priest’s advice is not a bad one but some people never take their wives out because they can’t afford to and those who can afford to settle for young girls leaving their wives because they aren’t beautiful to them anymore.


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