Former Chelsea coach Frank Lampard listed Manchester United and Liverpool as the biggest rivals for this season’s Premier League title.

Lampard said this before Chelsea’s UEFA Super League final against Villarreal on Wednesday.

Chelsea ranked fourth in the Premier League last season, second only to Liverpool, Manchester United and champions Manchester City. When talking about Chelsea’s opponents this season, London Football quoted Lampard as saying on Monday: I don’t think Manchester United can be ruled out. They didn’t fall behind too much last year. They came back and brought an impressive signing. .

“I think Liverpool will do the same. They lost outstanding players due to injuries for most of last season and most of the previous year. They are the best team we have seen in the Premier League.

One. This possibility cannot be ruled out.” “Although you can’t rule out the teams that are behind. Leicester City, we saw a victory over the weekend, West Ham United have improved a lot,

Aston Villa lost Jack Greerish, but they are bringing in a strong Player. This is an exciting season.” Chelsea will start the 2021\/22 Premier League season against Crystal Palace this weekend.

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