Former Egypt and Libya coach Moson Saleh slammed Lionel Messi’s “crocodile tears” at Barcelona’s last press conference on Sunday.

The six-time Golden Globe winner burst into tears in an interview with the media and confirmed that a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain is possible.

The Argentine international became a free agent after his contract with Braugrana expired in June. However, due to “economic and structural barriers”, the Nou Camp giants were unable to link him to the new contract. But Saleh said the 34-year-old could have continued to give up part of his salary to help the Spanish elite in financial trouble.

“The tears of a crocodile are when a hypocrite cries without sadness. In fact, he feels the opposite,” the 72-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Messi, due to the current economic situation of the club, you could have sacrificed a part of your salary to stay, why are you crying?

“You are greedy and you are not the only one. You say that you go by the rules, while others say that they go by the ambition.”

By Scopie

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