The Trade (Movie)

The Trade is an upcoming drama film that tells the story of a notorious kidnapper who has been wreaking havoc in the southern part of Nigeria for over a decade. The movie follows the journey of Eric, a man who undertakes a job that brings him closer to the law than ever before.


The trade is set in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, and takes place against the backdrop of the country’s ongoing struggle with insecurity and lawlessness. The Trade is a powerful commentary on the impact of crime and corruption on the lives of everyday people, and it explores the lengths that individuals will go to in order to survive in a society that is plagued by violence and instability.

The Trade

The plot of the movie revolves around Eric, a young man who has struggled to make a living in a society where opportunities are scarce. When he is approached by a group of individuals who offer him a job, Eric sees it as a chance to turn his life around and provide for his family. However, as he delves deeper into the job, Eric realizes that it involves tracking down and apprehending a notorious kidnapper who has eluded the law for over a decade.


As Eric becomes more involved in the case, he discovers that the kidnapper is far more cunning and dangerous than anyone had imagined. He must use all of his wits and resources to outsmart the kidnapper and bring him to justice before he strikes again. Along the way, Eric must also confront his own demons and come to terms with the sacrifices he must make in order to do what is right.


The Trade is a compelling drama that delves into the complex issues of crime and justice in Nigeria. It offers a nuanced portrayal of the country’s struggle with insecurity and corruption, and it explores the human toll of these issues on individuals and communities. The film is directed by the acclaimed Nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, who is known for his insightful and thought-provoking films.


The Trade is a powerful drama that offers a unique and engaging perspective on crime and justice in Nigeria. With its gripping plot, talented cast, and expert direction, this movie is sure to captivate audiences and spark important conversations about the issues that continue to plague the country.


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