Hitman Agent Jun (Korean Movie)

Hitman Agent Jun is a Korean action-comedy movie released in January 2020, directed by Choi Won-sub. The movie stars Kwon Sang-woo as the titular character, Jun, a former hitman who has retired from his dangerous profession to lead a quiet and peaceful life. The storyline follows Jun as he tries to move on from his past, but his former boss has other plans for him. The movie is a fun and entertaining watch, with plenty of action sequences and comedic moments that keep the audience engaged throughout.

The movie begins with Jun living a peaceful life as a comic book artist, but he is haunted by his past as a hitman. His life is turned upside down when he is approached by his former boss, who wants him to take on one last job. Jun initially refuses but is forced to accept the job when his boss threatens to harm his family. Jun’s mission is to retrieve a flash drive that contains sensitive information from a rival agency.

Hitman Agent Jun Korean

The movie is full of action sequences that are expertly choreographed and executed. Jun’s skills as a hitman are put to the test as he navigates through dangerous situations to complete his mission. There are plenty of shootouts, car chases, and hand-to-hand combat scenes that keep the movie exciting and fast-paced.


The movie also has several comedic moments that provide a welcome break from the action. Kwon Sang-woo’s portrayal of Jun is charming and likable, and his interactions with the other characters provide some of the movie’s funniest moments. The supporting cast, including Lee Yi-kyung as Jun’s hapless assistant and Hwang Woo-seul-hye as a quirky spy, also deliver strong performances that add to the movie’s comedic appeal.

While the movie is primarily an action-comedy, it also touches on themes of loyalty and redemption. Jun’s loyalty to his family and his sense of duty as a hitman are put to the test, and he must decide what is most important to him. The movie also explores the idea of redemption, as Jun tries to move on from his violent past and build a new life for himself.


Hitman Agent Jun is an enjoyable and entertaining movie that delivers on both the action and comedy fronts. It may not be the most original or groundbreaking movie, but it is a solid addition to the action-comedy genre. Fans of Korean cinema, as well as fans of action and comedy movies, will find plenty to enjoy in this film. With a 6.3/10 rating on IMDb, it is definitely worth a watch.


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