I had to quit Music for Business- Mr Eazi

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, also known as Mr. Eazi, is a Nigerian musician who became involved in the music industry because he was not satisfied with his previous artistic endeavors.

Mr. Eazi, famous for his popular song “Patek,” recently shared that he did not originally plan to become a musician and stumbled upon this career by chance. It was after performing at the well-known Coachella festival in 2019 that he realized he needed to explore other options.

In a recent interview with Angela Lee, a respected media personality, Mr. Eazi reiterated his decision to enter the tech industry as a way to relieve the burnout he experienced in the music industry.

Despite achieving success in his music career for three years, Mr. Eazi honestly admitted that he had considered giving up on music because he felt unfulfilled after his Coachella performance.

He said; “I have a tech company called Zagadat Capital. And this was like me being bored of music. After performing at the Coachella in 2019. I played on the first day of Coachella, I came down from the stage and I felt nothing. No happiness. No sadness.

“For somebody who never wanted to be an artiste, and third year of my career, I’m playing Coachella and I felt nothing. So, for me, it was a sign I would either have to quit music and go do something else.

“Because that was not a good feeling to have or I needed to pause. Maybe I was experiencing burnout. And when COVID hit, it was the first time I paused and tried to decide what would be the next move. I had started Empawa so I was getting to understand the music business.

“But I was tired of even listening to music. How can you run a music business without listening to music? So, I just had my team handle that.

“I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and now the music has given me access to people and capital, so I was like, okay, I’m gonna start my fund like Jay-Z.”

The ‘Skin Tight’ crooner also disclosed that he will be investing in the movie industry from next year.

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